Introduction To This Blog

“It matters not what someone is born, but what they grow to be.” Albus Dumbldore

This blog was created out of love for the whole Harry Potter series. It has become an inspiration to people all over the world that have the ability to imagine other worlds and all sorts of magic within. The story is written across seven books where each book becomes more enticing and interesting than the previous one.

These books were written by JK. Rowling, they represent a story of an underdog who is destined to defeat arguably the most feared dark wizard history has ever seen. Harry Potter has become such a well known name because it incorporates desired qualities that everyday people admire such as courage, friendship, humor, an underdog story, loyalty and being able to relate to the characters. Harry Potter’s character is very relatable to anyone,  readers sympathize with his upbringing and struggle in his own world but can also be related to our own even though it is in a completely different world to our own. Harry experiences situations that readers can also relate to such as the struggle of accepting responsibility throughout life, growing up through life changing moments and often thinking about giving up when things get a little rough.

As the story progresses throughout these books it takes more twists and turns that readers don’t expect. Character development is a big part of this story, characters go through a journey of life changing situations or self evaluation that trigger their personality and outlook on life to change. This, again, helps readers to relate to the story of Harry Potter and adds a element of complexity of how in the end characters evolve to become a completely different person from how they started out. This is another reason why people love this series, although its about people in a different world with different issues it is still relevant to all readers as they can interpret these characters experiences and relate them to their own. Each book adds a certain element of mystery also, there is the whole main story of Harry defeating the greatest dark wizard but also the sub stories within each book. Each book adds more priority problems for these characters that they have to overcome before they can take the next step. It also leaves subtle hints of the whole main story unfolding and keeps readers interested in finding out how Harry continually overcomes the odds while taking readers on a journey and adventure and eventually how the story ends.

JK. Rowling’s series has become so famous due to the skills presented in the book, she describes the characters appearance so well and also  doesn’t stray from how they would react to certain situations. Each character is so unique from the way they talk and also their personality traits that match what their appearance is. Rowling is able to create a whole new world that no one would’ve expected from the friendly warm feeling created by the Hogwarts castle and the Weasley home to the dark gloomy environment that is the Azkaban Prison and The Forbidden Forest. These books enable readers to celebrate with joyous moments and sit on the edge of our seats from the quality writing that is displayed. Readers are able to escape their own world and dive into a new one that has come alive from the creative mind and accurate description from JK. Rowling.

To sum up, the story of Harry Potter is so creative and unique that it had become a phenomenon throughout the world. From the relation of characters to the readers, the incredible description of settings and characters, the brilliant storyline and the thrilling journey of good versus evil. Most importantly Harry Potter is about standing up for something that matters in the world and also stands for becoming an inspirational story that shatters stereotypes and empowers readers as the first quote is one of many that that has inspired me.



3 thoughts on “Introduction To This Blog

  1. “But you know, happiness can be found even in the darkest of times, if one only remembers to turn on the light.”

    ― J.K. Rowling, Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban

    harry potter series was a great memory to enjoy fantasy and magic. the quote above is my favorite. love the blog and keen to read more

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