The Wonders of Harry Potter

My previous post is all about the characters as there are so many. This post will be about all of the wonders within Harry Potter Universe. It will contain information about certain settings, most of the magic involved , a run down of some of the creatures and general information behind and about all the magic involved.

Locations- There are may settings within the Harry Potter Universe, they are described so vividly. Some are described to come alive with colour and others are described to be riddled with sadness or to be eerie. The first magical setting is Diagon Alley. It can be accessed through a pub called the Leaky Cauldron. This is where a wizard will get everything they need from a wand, robes, brooms, books, ice-cream and even animals. It was a very lively appearance filled with people and colours. However, within Diagon Alley there is a darker area called Knockturn Alley. This is filled with dark objects and artefacts. The most popular shop in Knockturn is Borgin & Burkes. Voldemort once got a job in that store after leaving Hogwarts, he however, had an another motive besides getting a job.  Within Diagon Alley is a very important building called Gringotts, known as the Wizards Bank. It is run by goblins and is said o be one of the safest places in the world. It has over 1000 vaults with the most precious and oldest further underground. There are many enchantments within Gringotts to avoid stealing and fraud. There is the Thief’s Downfall which washes away any disguises, dragons and multiplying artefacts that burns upon touch by thief’s. The next setting is Hogwarts. It is a magical school that is located in a castle, to Muggles who approach it it says Danger! Ruins Do Not Enter. Hogwarts has a magical ceiling that is bewitched to look like the sky, it can be lit with candles or pumpkins at Halloween. It features an astronomy tower, common rooms for each house containing dorms, the Great Hall, a courtyard and dungeons. On the Hogwarts grounds there is the Forbidden Forest. This is a creepy and at times dangerous place, it’s filled with many creatures from centaurs to unicorns and to even a giant at one point. The Forest is described to be covered with fog and so large that the sky cant be seen because it’s so overgrown. While the students are at Hogwarts they have the ability to go to the neighboring town, which is Hogsmeade. This is a friendly place that is covered in snow and is always flourishing with people going down to the pub or to take a sneak peak of the most haunted building in Britain, the Shrieking Shack. Within Hogsmeade there are three main pubs that are frequently mentioned, they include , The Three Broomsticks, Zonko’s Joke Shop and Honeydukes. Another famous location within Harry Potter is The Azkaban Prison. This is a very secluded prison in the middle of the ocean completely guarded all the time. It is most famous for holding the most dangerous wizards in the world, there had only ever been one person to escape from said prison. It is guarded by Dementors  to keep the prisoners in check. It is always portrayed by using dark colours and works well with the mostly psychotic people that are shown within the prison. The last location is The Burrow or more commonly known as the Weasley’s home. It is set upon a hill that has many floors and is slanting greatly. The Burrow reflects who the Wealsey’s are, it’s a large house which describes their family, it looks shabby but still hold the core value of providing for a family which is what the Weasley’s are very based on. This is a key location as Harry frequently visits and stays at the Burrow when heading off to Hogwarts and he feels it’s like it’s second to Hogwarts.


The magic – Throughout seven books there are many spells that are used, some for good and some for harm. Different characters use different spells depending on their motives. Witches and wizards use their wands to cast spells that they learn at Hogwarts in Defence against the Dark Arts, Charms and Transfiguration along with an incantation. However, some skilled wizard have the ability to cast ‘silent spells’  which have the same effect but are just casted silently. The most well known spell is probably Stupefy ( stunning spell) has the ability to momentarily stun a person which becomes extremely useful whenever an altercation is taking place, this becomes Harry’s signature spell. There are also the tree unforgivable curses that are completely illegal to use, they follow as the Crucio Curse (the torture curse), the Imperius Curse (allows someone to control and influence movements and sayings) and the Avada Kedavra ( the killing curse). Any use of these curses will land the conjurer a lifetime in Azkaban as the effects are catastrophic. Harry is the only person to survive the killing curse and to be trained to become immune to the torture curse. Other  spells include Alohamora which unlocks most things, Accio which is a summoning charm, Lumos which creates light in their wand and Nox counters the light, Wingardium Leviosa makes objects able to float, Expelliarmus disarms a person by flicking their wand out of their hand, Obliviate takes the memory away from a person, Expecto Patromun which is the only defense against a Dementor and Pretago which protects the conjurer against any jinx or charm.

Creatures- There are a whole lot of creatures that are written about in Harry Potter, they can range from water demons which are Grindylows to a Pheonix which spontaneously burns into flames to be reborn. There are also creatures that are not friendly and can cause harm to people like the Dementor. They are one of the most feared creatures as they feed on peoples happiness by sucking it out of them. They are completely clocked in black and glide around and they turn everything around them to ice. JK. Rowling created these creatures from her own experience with depression. These creatures also have the ability to perform a Dementor’s Kiss, this is their version of the death sentence. The Dementor’s suck the soul out of the person and then they cannot function properly. Another feared creature is the Basilisk, it is a giant snake that has been rumored to be in controlled by the heir of Slytherin. This creature has the ability to kill anyone my making aye contact with it or petrifying someone by them just seeing it. They are said to live for centuries and the only thing that can rid a Basilisk is chickens. Dragons are also common, there are many types that include Swedish Shortsnout, Hungarian Horntail, Welsh Green and  Chinese Fireball. It is illegal to own a dragon but they commonly live in Romania to be studied or in the wild. Giants are also feared, they live in the mountains and are the causes of some avalanches. They are secluded and keep within their own species. Other featured creatures include the Hippogriff which is half bird and half horse. It has large wings, and is feathered with a sharp beaked mouth and they also come in various colours from white to brown to grey. Other half breeds are Centaurs, they live commonly in the Forbidden Forest and rely heavily on astrology to tell the future and patterns. They are also said to have other powers and abilities that humans will never understand. Merpeople are mermaid’s and mermen. There are some in the Black Lake at Hogwarts, these creatures sing beautifully only underwater and have their own language that Dumbledore can speak. They can be friendly to people but however can become extremely dangerous if they feel threatened.  Acromantula’s are giant spiders that again live in the Forbidden Forest. There are hundreds of them that live in colonies. Among them they have a leader called Aragog which is a spider bigger than a car and is also blind. Hagrid is the only human to befriend such a creature but Harry and Ron have an encounter with Aragog in the second book. Another rather interesting creature is the Thestral. These creatures can only be seen by someone who has witnessed a death. They have white glowing eyes and a bony body that shows their skeleton, they also have very large wings. They look frightening but are extremely friendly, they are drawn to the smell of fresh meat and are misunderstood by their appearance as stated by Luna Lovegood.



General – Hogwarts was been a magical school for centuries upon first being discovered by the four Founders. Godric Gryffindor, Helga Hufflepuff, Rowena Ravenclaw and Salazar Slytherin. The four houses were named after each founder and also their personality. Gryffindor the brave, Hufflepuff the loyal, Ravenclaw the knowledgeable and Salazar the cunning. Salazar gave Slyhterin a bad reputation by choosing to be more selective with who enters the school by only wanting to include Pure-Bloods or people that’s both parents are a witch or wizard. They are seen as being superior to all other wizards as  Muggle-borns are frowned upon by Slytherin for ‘having dirty blood’. Classes in Hogwarts are created to prepare a wizard for an all round life as a wizard. Their classes include Defecne Against the Dark Arts which students learn how to fend off harmful creatures or people, Charms where students enhance an object, Transfiguration where students learn the ability to transform animals into objects, Astronomy where students read star pattern, read tea cups and tell the future, Potions that teach harmful potions and beneficial potions, Herbology which is the study of plants and Care of Magical Creatures where students get a first hand experience with creatures and how to care and treat them. Other minor subjects include Muggle Studies, Ancient Runes and Arithmancy. The most popular sport in the wizarding world is Quidditch. It is a sport where six or seven players fly on brooms around a pitch that has three goal posts on each side and a keeper that protects those goals from opposing teams. There are also three types of balls in Quidditch which follow as the Quaffle, Golden Snitch and two Bludgers. The Quaffle is used to score points by chasers, Bludgers are used by beaters to distract the chasers and player and the Golden Snitch is worth 150 points if the seeker catches it. Catching the snitch is the only way to end the game, however, if the other team has more than 150 points and the Snitch is caught that team loses. The aim is to catch the Snitch before one team gets 150 points or to be ahead of 150 points so it wouldn’t matter whether or not it was caught by the other team. People that follow Voldemort are known as Death Eater’s. They obey Voldemort and will even do interrogations or kill for him to be pleased with them. Being a Death Eater is risky as one wrong move and they can be killed because they failed Voldemort. Families that are known as his followers are mainly pure-blood families, Malfoys, Lestrange, Black and even Snape had a history with becoming a Death Eater. They are marked by a tattoo on their forearm that is black and has a skull with a snake entwined called The Dark Mark. By touching this tattoo Voldemort is automatically summoned to the same location.

Bellatrix Lestrange, Death Eater in Azkaban


Credit for The Burrow – Pottermore

Credit for Bellatrix photo –

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