Goblet of Fire

“If you want to know what a man’s like, take a good look at how he treats his inferiors, not his equals.” – Sirius Black

The fourth book is called Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire and has always been a favourite of mine. This instalment starts off with Harry having a nightmare. An old caretaker goes up to an old mansion with perfect gardens as he seen a flashing light. Knowing that no one lives in the old mansion he goes and investigates, he stumbles across a room with a high pitched voice but cant see where it emanates from. There are also two men, the voice strains that there is a boy who is everything and it very important. One of the men says he will not fail with his task. Frank, the caretaker, gets alarmed and goes to leave the house only to find a great big snake slithering past him into the room. The mysterious voice then says that the old Muggle caretaker is standing outside the door and it suddenly killed. Harry wakes in The Burrow all sweaty from id reoccurring nightmare to find Hermione waking I’m and Ron up as they’re off to the 422nd Quidditch World Cup. Arthur, Fred, George, Ron ,Ginny, Hermione and Harry arrive at the World Cup via Portkey and pick up Cedric Diggory who attends Hogwarts a couple years above Harry and Amos Diggory, who works at the Ministry, along the way. After Ireland won against Bulgaria they go back to the tent which is set up like a house and celebrate. Arthur notices something strange happening outside and says that everyone has to leave quickly. Outside there are dozens people dressed in black cloaks with masks and fire. They light everything in their path and it’s total chaos with everyone running around. Harry gets separated from the main group and gets knocked out accidently. He wakes alone with everything charcoal black and smoke. He stands up and sees a man casts an incantation, a large green skull and snake appear in the sky. The man turns to Harry and starts to peruse him but just in time Ron and Hermione find Harry and he runs off. Hermione explains that the skill in the sky is Voldemort’s mark, The Dark Mark and also that the people that attacked were his follows, The Death Eaters.

Upon arriving at Hogwarts for the feast, Dumbledore has a special announcement that Hogwarts is hosting an event called the Triwizard Tornament. Another two schools will be attending, Beauxbatons an all girls school from France and Durmstrang an all boys from the north. Dumbledore explains that one person from each school will be picked over the age of 17 and will compete in three tasks that will test their limits. The prize is eternal glory, the Triwizard cup and a large prize money. Students enter by writing their name on a piece of parchment and putting it in the Goblet of Fire which will choose three students in one week. During this announcement they’re interrupted by someone entering the hall, Alastor Moody or Mad-Eye Moody. He will be the new Defence Against the Dark Arts teacher and is an ex-auror. The week ends and the student from Beauxbatons is Fleur Delacour, Viktor Krum from Durmstrang and Cedric Diggory from Hogwarts. However, another piece of parchment shoots out of the goblet of flames and read Harry Potter. Harry is completely shocked as he knows he didn’t enter the tournament and all of his friends besides, Hermione, turn on him as they think Harry is being an attention seeker. Dumbledore asks Harry if he did put his name in but Harry says no as he didn’t, all the teachers deliberate and come to the conclusion that Harry has to compete even though he is only 14. The mystery of who put his name in the goblet is still unknown as a powerful wizard would have had to trick Dumbledore’s age line he put around the cup so only people of the age of 17 could enter.

goblet .jpg
The Goblet of Fire

The first tasks is soon and the people competing are not meant to know what it entails. Harry has had no help either because no one is talking to him. However, Hagrid invites Harry to meet him on the edge of the Forbidden Forest at night and to bring his Invisibility Clock. That night Harry meets Hagrid and he says that he’s going to show Harry something. They walk in the forest for ages when Hagrid tells Harry to put I cloak on. They come to a clearing and Harry sees four dragons breathing fire and trapped in cages with handlers trying to tame them. Harry connects the dots and realises that the first tasks is dragon. He doesn’t know what he has to do with one but as if his fear wasn’t enough.  Harry wants everyone to have a level playing field so he goes and tells Cedric about the dragons also. Harry is then later invited by Mad-Eye Moody to come visit him in his office out of the blue. When Harry arrives Moody is his strange self talking briefly about his auror days and his false leg. He finally gets to the point and says what are you going to do about your dragon. Moody advises that he should play to his strengths and the only one Harry can think of is flying. The first task rolls around and the competitors are finally told what they have to do. Each has a dragon and each is guarding a golden egg. The aim to retrieve the egg from the dragon as it will be a clue for the next task. Harry draws the dragon known as the Hungarian Thorn-tail which is said to be the most fearsome. Harry’s turn arrives and as soon as he walks out he summons his broom with his wand and eventually gets the golden egg from the dragon. After the whole school witnessed the brutality of the tasks Ron apologises to Harry and says he must be mad to put his name in the cup and they make up.



The Hungarian Horntail 


They have weeks until the second task but the trio can’t figure out the clue. When they open the egg it just screams in a high pitch vioce that doesn’t make sense. Two days before the second task and they still have no idea how to figure it out. However, Cedric comes to Harry’s aid and says to take his egg to the Prefect Bathroom. Harry taking the advice does this and discovers that it takes place in the Blake Lake. Harry knows that there are water demons, Grindylows, and Merpeople in the lake. The clue also says that something has been taken and he has one hour to find it underwater. Harry now must learn how to hold his breath underwater for an hour. He tells Ron and Hermione but they don’t have any ideas either. They spend the next day in the library searching but there is still nothing that can help. The night before Moody appears in the library and tells Ron and Hermione that McGonagall wants to speak to them. After being ushered away Neville appears and starts talking about Herbology as it’s his favourite subject. Neville then says that he knows of Gillyweed which allows them to hold his breath. The second task arrives and the competitors are standing on the edge of the Black Lake. Dumbledore says that they have one hour to recover a possession that was stolen from them. Harry enters the lake and searches and searches until he hears music that is similar to the egg. He follows the sound and finds Ron and saves him.

The Black Lake

A few days pass and Harry finds himself in Dumbledore’s office but Dumbledore has to leave, Harry stumbles across the Pensive and Harry being curious goes to have a closer look and falls into the glass dish. He finds himself in a courtroom with a young Dumbledore and Moody. There’s also a man being interrogated a former Death Eater. Harry learns that the Minster for Magic has a son names Barty Crouch Jr and is a Death Eater and sent to Azkaban. Crouch Jr, Harry realises, looks a lot like the still occurring man in his dreams that says  he will get the boy.

Having miraculously made it through the first two tasks the last task is a maze. It is rigged with magical creatures that will test the competitors. Hidden in the maze is the Triwizard Cup placed by Mad Eye Moody. Harry enters the dark maze and seems to only find dead ends. Harry does find Krum eventually, he was trying to stun Cedric but Cedric got the better of him. Only Harry spots the glow of the cup down an alley in the maze. Both run towards to maze and roots starts ripping apart the soil on the ground trying to trip them. One catches Cedric and he falls, it starts to strangle his body. Harry stops running and goes back to save Cedric. They both want the other to have the cup but decide they should take it together. Upon touching it they both get transported to a graveyard. The Cup was a Portkey that transported them to the graveyard in Harry’s dreams, the mansion looming in the background. Wormtail appears carrying something in a cloth wrapped like a baby. Harry’s scar starts burning and tells Cedric to go back to the Cup. Cedric asks who Wormtail is but he is suddenly killed as the high pitched voice in Womtail’s arms tells Wormtail to kill Cedric. Cedric is flung across the graveyard and is disregarded by Wormtail. A cauldron appears near and Harry is levitated against a gravestone, pinned against it. Wormtail drops Voldemort in the cauldron, he takes blood from Harry, a bone from Voldemort’s father grave as Harry is pinned on it and flesh from a servant that Wormtail sacrifices. The caldron bubbles and turns red, it materialises and Voldemort rises out of it in human form. Voldemort explains that the reason Harry survived the killing curse was because of his mother love. The spell rebounded and turned Voldemort into a fragile fragment until now. Voldemort still wants to kill Harry to prove that he is the most feared wizard ever. He forces Harry to duel, as this happens their spells colliding Priori Incantatem occurs. The souls of the people Voldemort have killed appear,  Cedric appears along with Harry’s parents. Cedric asks Harry to take his body back to his father which he agrees. Lily and James say that they will cause a distraction to Harry can escape with he Cup and Cedric. The souls swarm on Voldemort and Harry runs to Cedric and he touches the Cup.


In the graveyard



Harry opens his eyes and he is back at Hogwarts with Cedric and the Cup. Everyone applauds thinking Harry has one until they realise, Dumbledore first approaches and Harry explains that Voldemort is back and he killed Cedric. Moody approaches taking Harry to his office as he is distraught. He is very interested in the wound that Wormtail made taking Harry’s blood. He tarts acting strange and explains how everything started. Moody says he put Harry’s name in the cup, led Hagrid to find the dragons, told Cedric how to understand the clue in the egg, told Neville about Gillyweed and transformed the Cup to be a Portkey. Dumbledore, McGonagall and Snape burs into the room and stun Moody. Snape pours Veritaserum down Moody’s throat casing him to tell the truth.  Dumbledore asks if he is Alastor Moody and he says no, Snape recognises the smell of Polyjuice potion on Moody. The potion wears off and he returns to his originally state which is Barty Crouch Jr, the man in Harry’s dream. He impersonated to be Moody so he can hand Harry over to Voldemort like he vowed to.

Crouch is sent back to Azkaban and the real Moody makes a full recover. At the end of the year a feast is held in emporium for Cedric. Dumbledore also announces that Voldemort is back and he killed Cedric. The film ends with the trio standing on the astronomy tower discussing how everything is going to change from now on.


Credit to feature Image – harrypotter.wikia.com

Credit to Goblet Image – The Potter Pensieve Podcast

Credit to Black Lake Image – Harry Potter Wiki – Wikia

Credit to dragon Image – Giphy

Credit to Wormtail Image – Amino



















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